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fees & cancellation policy

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Jane C. Demaray


  • My basic rate for civil & commercial mediation - $400/hr.
  • Where 4 counsel or more are involved - $450.00/hr.
  • Where plaintiff claims less than $50,000 in the Statement of Claim - $300.00/hr..
  • H.S.T. is charged on all billings.

Jane C. Demaray
Jane C. Demaray
Jane C. Demaray
Jane C. Demaray
Jane C. Demaray

how hours are calculated in civil & commercial cases:

The minimum time billed for the mediation session itself is 3 hours. In addition, 1 hour (max) is charged for preparation & administration. Thus, the basic appointment for mediation is a minimum of 4 hours in all.

I do not charge time in blocks such as "full day", because I think block fees can work unfairly for the parties. If the mediation session continues beyond the 3 hours contemplated by the basic appointment, I bill the additional time we actually use in session (only), at the same hourly rate.

when retainers are required:

Retainers are not ordinarily required in cases in which all parties are represented by counsel.

If one or more parties are not represented by counsel, retainers may be required to be paid, in advance and in amounts that are equal between the parties, as discussed with counsel and the unrepresented party(s).

billing & accounting for retainers:

The parties are entitled to and will receive an account in writing from me after the mediation concludes. The account will set out my hours and services rendered in the case.

If retainers have been paid, my account will show those retainers and how they have been applied. If any balance of the retainers remains on hand after application of the retainers to my account(s) then outstanding, that balance will be returned to the parties in the proportion of their respective contributions, or paid otherwise as instructed by them in writing.

payment terms:

Payment of my account is due net 30 days.

Any balance unpaid after application of retainers is payable net 30 days, also.

joint liability:

The parties will be liable on a joint and several basis for payment of my fees, plus reasonable disbursements incurred, and the H.S.T. payable upon both, all as billed and billable from time to time by me.

cancellation policy:

If the mediation is cancelled 1 business day before the scheduled date, the full fee for a basic appointment, plus HST, will be charged;

If the mediation is cancelled 2 to 5 business days before the scheduled date, 1/2 of the fee for a basic appointment, plus HST, will be charged.

If the mediation is cancelled more than 5 business days before the scheduled date, $300.00 will be charged, plus HST.

In the event of real hardship for a counsel or party, I will reduce this fee.